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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
Shenzhen technology co. , LTD is a professional production and sales of led display products, the company to 'victory by wisdom, victory in Germany' as fundamental principles, established a 'six heart, LiangBan, for a while' management structure, and the company general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the management committee of management mode. Company has been committed to the next generation of LED optoelectronic product development, production, sales and service, to provide customers with a full range of solutions. Product advantage: adhering to the 'product quality is our most fundamental dignity' product concept, so promise every product is stable. Product USES the import high quality LED tube core American CREE, Japan, the production, with large Angle, color uniform and not easily die lamp, low attenuation, low failure rate, high brightness, high gray level, antistatic, easy maintenance and other advantages; Standard products, streamline production; International quality, ultra-low prices. 1, the price advantage: with the most competitive prices in the market the same products, at the same time with the same or even better quality; 2, performance advantages: good uniformity, high degree of consistency, Angle is big, which can realize monochrome single lamp maintenance; 3, the quality advantage: materials to finished product, control in the whole process of the research and development to production, become the guarantee of product quality reliability; 4, service advantages: under the same conditions more perfect service, the same service, with a more comprehensive cooperation.
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