Indoor rental LED display how should choose?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-03
From an environmental classification, LED display can be divided into indoor LED display and outdoor LED display, different application environment requirement for hardware and software of LED display is not the same. When indoor rental LED display screen of choose and buy, can't we users is the standard of the LED display to choose, and according to the specific environment of indoor to decision shall be taken into consideration. So indoor rental LED display how to choose? Powerful giant colour below small make up to you when the choose and buy some matters needing attention. A, brightness, brightness has much effect on the indoor LED display, visual brightness is too high easy to damage the human body, endanger human body health, brightness is too low will lead to LED display image display is not clear. In general, the indoor LED display brightness to CD / ㎡ - 800 It is advisable to 2000 CD / ㎡, different brand LED display products, its brightness also varies. Second, the visual Angle: LED display directly depends on the size of the viewing Angle LED display how many of the audience. Visual Angle, the better, the greater the range of audience will be more broad, viewing Angle is influenced by LED tube core encapsulated way. Therefore, when choosing indoor rental LED display, also pay attention to the tube core way of packaging. Three, roughness: the flatness will affect the quality of the images of the LED display. The indoor rental LED display cabinet surface roughness will remain within + / - 1 mm, local convex or concave on the surface of the box body can lead to display the visual Angle of corner. The stand or fall of flatness is decided by the production process, manufacturers in the production of LED display screen should be paid attention to this problem. Four, color reducibility, LED display of color reducibility is refers to the color of the display shows to maintain highly consistent with the colour of the source, so as to ensure the image sense of reality. Five, the dead point: LED display dead center is pointed out that now normally on or often black of a single point on the screen, how many of the dead point is mainly composed of the stand or fall of the tube core to decide. The lower dead center, LED display display effect will be better. That is when the choose and buy of small make up summary indoor rental LED display of the matters needing attention, very practical, hurriedly collection!
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