Indoor LED display screen of choose and buy

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-06
Hotel now stage background screen is generally use LED, the shock of the display effect, energy conservation and environmental protection features such as get the favour of people. So indoor LED display the choose and buy should pay attention to those aspects of the item? The following details. In indoor environment, the screen area will be more than 3 ㎡. So in this case there are normal display, DLP ( Digital liquid crystal display) And LED display three alternative. Ordinary display screen pixel is small, the advantages of high resolution, defect is low brightness, small Angle, lens lamp life short ( Only a few thousand hours) 。 Small DLP has the advantage of pixels, high resolution, faults are flat-fell seam, the smallest flat-fell seam can be up to 1 mm, display and plasma display panel is suitable for a closer look. For indoor LED display has the advantage of high brightness, no flat-fell seam, the disadvantage is that pixels coarser particles, low resolution. The commercialization of indoor full color LED screen more economic model is P5P6, other models have P3P4P7. 62 p8, etc. LED display for viewing distance far indoor Spaces. When choosing banquet hall LED display, can consider from the following several aspects: 1 tube core. Like outdoor full-color LED screens, general advice indoor full-color displays the aiu di encapsulated light-emitting diode, LED the Japanese and American CREE high-grade products recommended tube core. 2 packaging format. Table posted 352821211010 has the advantage of perspective of encapsulation, light-emitting uniformity is good, easy to automatic welding processing, is one of the main products are in full color. Three dimension. Due to large indoor full color LED chip calorific value, control circuit density is higher, so now the commercialization of full color dot density also can't be very high, lian cheng indoor screen models including P1. 6 p2p2。 5 p3p4p5、P6、P7。 62, P8. 4 drive mode. Indoor full color LED drive mode are constant current drive, a dynamic scanning way ( Mainly a quarter and 1/81/16 scanning way) 。 5 refresh rate. Increase the refresh rate, flicker-free, trailing under the camera. Other considerations, including LED display factory scale and brand, price, use, installation location environment, etc. , that is some Suggestions about hotel banquet hall LED display option. Information source: powerful giant colour light electricity
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