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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
Recently, created by our P3 indoor full color LED display Yu Qingyuan Buddha smooth completion of the people's court, become a classic commercial case, my company and the quality of high quality and professional service, is deep user attention and recognition. Qingyuan, guangdong provincial city in China. Approved by the State Council on January 7 1988, is located in the middle of guangdong province, China, middle and lower reaches of beijiang river, north and northeast shaoguan and neighbors, the southeast and south of guangzhou, foshan city, the south and bordering, are connected to the zhaoqing city west, is the biggest area of guangdong province level. Today, the high-speed development of information society also let LED display application prospect in the field. Different categories, different performance of LED display by continual development to adapt to the needs of different industries. The figure of LED display has been all over the streets. Technology co. , LTD. To provide indoor LED display products, the selection and recognition by many customers, because the company is committed to improving product technology content, can really solve the problem of the user. Indoor full color LED display, not only low quantity of heat, low noise, low radiation, but also can be set to the inside wall body, enjoy flat screen view. The thickness of the installation only 8 cm, as a result of such fashion concise appearance, and display nicely metope installed, to streamline space. The product has the following advantages: 1, good quality: ISO9001:2008 standard; Quality control procedures; A full range of digital equipment production; Strict controls of each LED brightness difference less than 1:1. 1, blind spot within one over one hundred thousand, won't appear the phenomenon such as spots, dark spots, Mosaic. 2, good effect, the nonlinear correction technology, high-definition images and strong levels; 3, adopts the distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, higher reliability and stability, Support for multiple display modes, as well as the general video player software, make the system operation more convenient and full of human nature! 4, price is excellent, guarantee the quality of material and reduce raw material costs at the same time, reduce the manufacturing cost, and to reflect on the price of the product return customers! Never stop for product development and innovation, still tenacious efforts to running on the road, in order to let customers have a better product. For us: the customer's trust, is the highest glory. Is performed with: 'earnest, rigorous, responsible for the' product production and service concept, to make the brand growing, become bright new star in the LED display brand, is also strive to become the best brand of leds.
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