Indoor LED display installed successfully chuxiong city - a hotel LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-07
One belongs to chuxiong yi nationality autonomous prefecture autonomous prefecture of yunnan province, is located in the middle of yunnan province, kunming city in the east, west Dali bai autonomous prefecture, south to pu 'er city and yuxi, panzhihua. A city of sichuan province in the north. Current conditions are over 1, 9 county, state of the people's government in chuxiong city, 160 kilometers away from kunming city. Recently my company successful cooperation agreement with a local hotel enterprise, August. 19, indoor LED display a successful installation. And tested to normal use. I company this indoor display on the market the same kind displays its expression more clear picture, the color processing is more exquisite. Not only for the state grid website information released this year, power consumption compared with 2016 in the first half year of 2017 is greatly increased, the LED display on LED display also save electricity power has made the corresponding technical innovation. By exclusive research and development of centralized power supply technology innovation advances were made, also in the aspect of energy saving up to 6% compared to the previous compared to other brand products increased by 40% in the face of the improvement of social electricity consumption, the state shall adopt a policy of points in a short time power outages to slow state the problem of insufficient power supply. In order to prevent the LED display circuit short circuit caused by sudden power outages, burn, etc. , now all products installed spare power supply, even if the power case, also can let the screen normally closed, avoid unnecessary loss. To create each exciting scene!
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