Indoor LED display group light huaihua - again Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-05
Yesterday, and success in huaihua city, hunan province to install indoor display a set. The group display a total of 4 pieces. Its model, screen size, use each are not identical. The group with the company exclusive rights to the patent technology, in product, quality, color discrimination degree showed a characteristic. With the deterioration of the environment pollution, and so on and so forth, is already aware of environmental protection, energy saving for the importance of LED display. So scientific research departments have been strengthening research on product energy saving province electricity. Now the centralized power supply exclusive patent technology has been able to make their normal LED display power saving rate increased by 35%, in the enclosure, screen material selection are also trying to make innovation: in the case of how to ensure the quality of product architecture do to speed up the rate of loss of heat during the operation, reduce the risk of such as natural. The development with the support of the broad masses of customers and recognition is inseparable, so will increase the intensity of scientific research, the service earnestly, rigorous production product, only to give customers friends to provide more high quality LED display. To create each exciting scene!
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