Indoor led display four skills of choose and buy

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-10
Led display is the most popular media tools, and favored by the majority of users. Led display is mainly in the form of graphic, animation and video, in real time synchronization and clear all kinds of advertising information, not only can be used in indoor environment and can be used in outdoor environment, it also has a projector, TV wall and liquid crystal display screen there is no way to all kinds of advantages, in the face of a variety of led display, many users have identification to make headway in the choose and buy to let small New Year greetings commonly used indoor display make a summary of how to choose and buy. 1. Indoor led display, indoor led display mainly P6, P5, P4, P3, P2. 5 full color led display, the main difference is the led display screen several types of point spacing is different, for example: p2. Five types of led display is our spacing between two pixels is 2. 5 mm, and so on, the other type is the same reason, so the points spacing is not the same as led display, we each square metre of pixels is different also, so our definition of the led display is different, generally point density is small, the unit pixel points, the higher the resolution will naturally. 2. Led display installation environment, led display, the first thing to do is install the environment, the choose and buy our led display is installed or installed in a conference room in the hall, or installed on the stage, is to choose fixed installation or need to move, etc are the factors to consider. 3. Recent viewing distance, what is the recent viewing distance, is our people in general is standing a few meters outside the screen distance to watch, like our p2. 5 led display the best viewing distance is 2. 5 m, and so on, as the name implies, P behind the Numbers is the model the best viewing distance, so when choosing indoor led display models, about the recent viewing distance must estimate it, so help us choose the right model. 4. The area of the led display screen, the screen size with us in led display screen of choose and buy when also want to consider the factors, in general, if indoor led display does not have more than 20 square meters, we are all common suggestion in the form of a bracket, on the contrary, we suggest using simple box. In addition, if the screen's interview is relatively large, often can make up for the defect of us a closer look at the area of the screen, but this approach is best used in the case of no way.
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