Indoor led display for the mall office preempted market - advertising machine LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
In recent years, the led display suddenly surge, everywhere, every public plus lack outdoor led display brightness adjustment, caused serious light pollution, the government units are now heavily in management, examination and approval procedures for the moon also more cumbersome, led display companies in order to continue to remain profitable, moving target to indoor, coupled with small spacing screen technology mature, clarity, technically, can already and advertising machine double points, so the current domestic led display makers almost a poured into indoor, indoor led display markets. The traditional LED display has a closer look at grain feeling strong and poor effect of disadvantage, compared to plasma advertising machine products, it won't be the first choice of the customer object. However, with the invention of the LED display, small spacing got make up for the disadvantages. Picture perfect let the LED display the challenges of the desire to display products such as LCD, DLP, and indoor commercial market also naturally become the focus of a lot of power supplier. Compared with the advertising machine small spacing are more random assembly indoor led display, change the size of the advantage, can be installed flexibility etc, by the broad masses of customers favor. Relying on the advantage of inherent in the LED display, compared with the traditional LCD advertising machine, LED display has many advantages in indoor environment. Such as LED large screen, the screen brightness can reach 5000 CD/m2, indoor environment, whether from coverage or from the display effect, is better than LCD advertising machine. Survey found that in the past year, LED display in indoor application business market share while showing a growth, but growth is not an increase in the number of the screen, but the original value of the screen. This means that, as the application of commercial market demand has increased, the traditional business model is not able to promote the sustainable development industry, LED display industry if you want to steady growth, will go fine line, detailed application of the LED display manufacturers to input to the indoor application business market is the new attempt of this change. The penetration of indoor led display, the end of the traditional advertising machine, without changing is too late. 。 。
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