Indoor LED display can be changed to outdoor use?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-02
Some customers buy the indoor LED display, use after a period of time, the company has activities need to be used outdoors, in order to save cost, want to change the indoor LED display to use outdoor LED display, this is feasible? Customers have such idea, the LED display is not understand. Powerful giant color small make up can give you the answer, indoor LED display to outdoor use is unrealistic, and several reasons, please listen to our stretch for you. A limit, brightness. Indoor LED display brightness demand is not high, with a dynamic scanning circuit, outdoor LED display brightness is higher and higher, is static scanning circuit, the hardware difference is big. Second, the waterproof restrictions. Waterproof structure of indoor LED display is not needed, or simple waterproof processing, and outdoor LED display for waterproof demand is very high, in the production of cable and casing to waterproof processing, so at the request of the enclosure structure itself there is a difference. Third, viewing distance limit. Indoor LED display for viewing distance close, models are generally P3, P4, P5, P6, so area is general not big, within 15 square metre, and ask for a viewing distance is far, outdoor LED display model is generally P10, P16, P20, so determines its area is larger, more than 30 square meters. Conclusion: indoor LED display and outdoor LED display due to different brightness, waterproof processing, model selection, created at the beginning of the production, raw materials, accessories, cabinet hardware, such as different, so bad to change, to change will do more harm than good, so small make up recommend not to literally change.
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