Indoor full color led display size parameters of the p5 - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
P5 unique features and prices: P5 series display is a suitable for indoor multi-purpose LED electronic display. Especially for enterprise business information display and indoor full color LED display marketing campaigns. Optimal size in 5 square meters, viewing distance away from the more than 5 meters can reach a good effect. P5 indoor full color LED display products imported high-grade pipe core, optimize production components and control system, with a vivid picture, dustproof shockproof technical advantages such as service life up to 10 years. If a static painting, such as film. Is the first choice for indoor LED display. P5 model is indoor super clear display screen price series. We advanced experience with years of LED and technological innovation, optimize indoor full color LED display purchasing, production, engineering and service, will the project cost the elaboration on the best value, achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between two parties. According to the area of the screen size and actual use, equipped with the devices will have different, relatively large screen use cost a little more, smaller displays some equipment can not, charges will be less. Below is roughly said the installation of a full color led display for which equipment, which costs. What equipment used? If have what not understand place please to contact with me at any time, thank you! 1. The LED video processor, mainly is to improve the overall screen display application effect and function, fully tap the value of the LED display. Solve the problem of access, signal processing and display, can accomplish many format conversion problem between the signal format. Can also be screen picture separation, etc. Use morer like live, will live camera captured images by connecting to the computer, through the LED video processor can quickly smoothly synchronously displayed on the screen, you can also will be treated as images on the screen space, etc. ( If users actually use less than, can not choose and buy. ) 2. Distribution box, the small area of screen don't have to; Recommended maximum power consumption in more than 10 kw power display use, can provide each device for display devices running stable voltage power supply current, effectively prevent the jump power switch box, etc. 3. Desktop computer, is used to control the LED display the necessary equipment, to a certain standard. 4. Sound + amplifiers, let display synchronous video playback sound equipment. 5. Multi-function control card, outdoor screen, main effect has a period of time intelligent adjustment full-color led display screen brightness, temperature values, such as intelligent control so as to achieve energy saving province electricity, prolong the service life of the led display. Indoor display can not use. 6. Lightning arrester, the outdoor screen, mainly is the lightning protection device; Indoor display can not use. 7. Air conditioning, cooling device, indoor screen or small screen can need not; Large outdoor screen is highly recommended to provide a wall-mounted air-conditioner, effective cooling, to ensure that the display of each device is not running under high temperature, can effectively reduce the failure rate of led display produces, ensure the normal operation of the led display and effectively extending the service life of the screen each device. 8. TV card, a small card, installed in the computer, deserve to go up the corresponding driver software, can make screen synchronization broadcast cable TV channel program, whether you need the user to choose and buy, the price is not expensive.
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