Indoor full color LED display screen of choose and buy should pay attention to that

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-07
Indoor full color LED at the time of purchase how to choose is very important. The first thing to consider their own applications, audience viewing distance is far more recent. For example, the viewers recently viewing distance is 4 m then select screen p4. The general pixel spacing * 1000 mm is the best viewing distance. Second to consider buying the brand, must choose large manufacturers of products, so that the quality guarantee and after-sale. Indoor full color display screen for brightness demand is not high, but for gray level requirement is very high. So for enterprise r&d technical requirements are high. Specific when buying, please pay attention to the five aspects: 1. Pixel spacing. This is to choose and buy any a LED products should be consider, when indoor full color LED display screen of choose and buy, because of the close viewing distance, can choose spacing smaller screens, for example, P3, P4, P5, etc. 2. Drive way. Indoor full color LED display drive mode are constant current drive, a dynamic scanning way ( Mainly has 1/4, 1/8, scanning mode etc. ) 。 In the same tube core, 1/4 scan circuit more, brightness is high. 3. Packaging format. Indoor full color LED display LED surface form a single lamp three spell a table, the table is stuck, post and so on several and triad table, appearance is not the same. Table stick encapsulation is Angle is large, the advantages of light-emitting uniformity is good, easy to automatic welding processing, is the mainstream of full-color LED products, the price is relatively high; Single light Angle is relatively smaller, slightly high brightness, low prices. The table stick is also one of the single lamp. Single lamp and the table are relatively cheap, is a kind of transitional product. 4. Real pixels and virtual pixels. Like outdoor full color, indoor full color pixels are divided into two pixels and virtual pixels. 5. The stylet. Like outdoor full color, the recommended indoor full color blue and green tube use silan bright core tube core, red tube adopts the light tube core lei or wide grain.
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