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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-07
Zhuhai, guangdong province, is located in the southwest of guangdong pearl river mouth, east and Hong Kong across the sea, south to Macao, west jiangmen xinhui, taishan city, zhongshan city and the north border. Sets, jiuzhou port, zhuhai gongbei port, wanshan, hengqin, doumen, wan chai, the zhuhai-macau cross-border industrial zone 8 countries such as a port, is the pearl river delta, the largest island in the sea area, most of the longest coastline city, known as the 'city of the island,' said. Recently, the customers through the network to all aspects of understanding, LED display the last choice. At present our company has been successfully installed in zhuhai indoor LED display, and tested can normal use, for our company add another wonderful a classical commercial cases. Sincere service and attentively, have been customers and recognition. Today, the high-speed development of information society also let LED display application prospect in the field. Different categories, different performance of LED display by continual development to adapt to the needs of different industries. The figure of LED display has been all over the streets. Committed to improve product technology content, with the problem of the user. My company production of indoor full color LED display, not only low quantity of heat, low noise, low radiation, but also can be set to the wall inside, let you enjoy the flat screen view. Install the thickness of only 8 cm, as a result of such fashion concise appearance, and can make screen wall installation joint, to streamline space. Shenzhen technology co. , LTD. Is a focus on full color LED display development, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprises, the company adhering to the 'with quality, service for this' spirit of enterprise, established a perfect system of product quality and after-sales service network, the display industry is the industry vertical integration enterprise. Choose the indoor LED display, create every exciting scene, is looking for!
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