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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Guangzhou is the capital of guangdong province, national center city, giant city, southern command headquarters. Is positioning of the international metropolis of the State Council, the international trade center, the international comprehensive transport hub, the national comprehensive gateway city, national famous historical and cultural city. Since the qin dynasty, guangzhou in south China has been the political, military, economy, culture and science and education center. Since the 230 s guangzhou has become the main port of maritime silk road, become China's first port during the tang and song dynasty, the Ming and qing dynasties become the only foreign trade port in China. Recently, our company successfully in baiyun district of guangzhou ishii qinfeng p4 display a square installation, tests can be normal use. This once again become my company another classic case. Adhering to the 'quality as the root, service for this' spirit of enterprise, has been always to the needs of customers first, the anxious customer anxious, want to customers want. Today, the high-speed development of information society also let LED display application prospect in the field. Different categories, different performance of LED display, LED display is constantly being developed to adapt to the needs of different industries. At present, the LED display figure has spread all over the streets. Technology co. , LTD. To provide indoor LED display products, low heat, low noise, low radiation, can also be set to the inside wall body, let you enjoy the flat screen view. Only 8 cm and the thickness of the installation, as a result of such fashion concise appearance, and can make screen wall installation joint, to streamline space. The advantage of LED display: 1, the area of ductility, large LED display area is difficult to realize seamless splicing, LED display can be arbitrary extension, and realize seamless splicing. 2, LED display, luminous flux decay quickly, generally run around one and a half years time, just need to change, but the LED display screen under the same operating conditions for at least five years no problem. 3, LED display can use interactive technology, enhance refresh machine as advertising media and audience interaction, such as cloud technologies to implement custom touch screen, broadcast control management, etc. 4, in terms of displays, LED display, high brightness, wide viewing Angle, and good color reproduction ability. 5, luminous intensity is strong, direct sunlight within visual range screen surface, content can be clearly seen. 6, static scan technology, using static latch scanning mode, high power drive, ensure adequate light intensity. 7, automatic brightness adjustment with automatic brightness adjustment function, can be shown in different brightness environment for best effect. It is the spirit of meticulous with the serious production, can have more and more customers. Is the customer's support and recognition, to make even more powerful. Will always uphold the spirit of this, the better for the general customers the LED display!
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