Indoor full color led display is aging test - before delivery Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Production of each piece of indoor full color led display is to pass strict factory test, today will come to show you the last line of the factory before aging test aging test is simply to light the screen and then tested for a long period of time, in order to identify and solve problems, the specific process is 1. Check box above all modules installed correctly, see if there are any short circuit, electric hybrid junction, check module installation whether level off, flat-fell seam is neat, check whether the appearance is in good condition, whether there is a knock against scratches. 2. Use online continuous lighting lighting control system, test time 72 hours. 3. After aging test and correct, qc group of test parameters specific test content: 1, white, red, green, and blue monochrome, gray gradient, video, text effects 2, led display white during test time not less than 48 hours 3, monochrome, gray gradient testing not less than 48 hours 4, video, and text effects test not less than 48 hours to 5, led display aging test must be manned, found the problem in time report to engineering manager for processing the above is to produce indoor full color led display at the end of the control, only withstand test company will allow the quality of products consignment to your company, quality first.
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