Indoor and outdoor LED display how to _ are the installation method

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-08
How to install the LED display screen? Outdoor indoor LED display installation where the difference? How to install to strong? Here are outdoor and indoor LED display how to install do a simple description. Indoor full color led indoor one, choose specifications have P4 / P5 / P6 / P7. 62 / P8 / P10, outdoor full color led P10, P12 / P16 / P20 / P25 choose which kind of, basically see your general audience stood far look, you can use a little spacing ( P at the back of the Numbers) Divide by zero. 3 to 0. Eight, to determine the best viewing distance. Each specification has a best viewing distance. Like standing on the 5/6 meters, how also get P6 effect will be better. Second, choose sizes are generally 4:3 or 16:9, of course, the greater the size, the better, show the more pixels, the greater the look the more momentum three, indoor display installation 1) Mount ( Stick a wall) Applicable to 10 square meters below the display screen. Wall requirement is solid wall or hanging concrete beam. Hollow brick or simple file are not this installation method. 2) Frame screen applies to more than 10 square metre, and easy maintenance. Other specific requirements as well as post wall. 3) Lifting: apply to 10 square meters below the display screen, the installation must be suitable for installation location, such as beams or columns above. Usually need to add back cover and screen. 4) Buildings: portable buildings: refers to the saddle processed separately. Placed on the ground, can be moved. Fixed buildings: refers to mount the fixed mount is connected to ground or metope. Outdoor one, note do outdoor screen, need to pay attention to four. First, waterproof, of course, is the second, wind outdoor enclosure, the screen is bigger, the steel structure must be more strong, is strict. Third, shockproof, that is, can a few earthquake resistance. Channel steel, from strict requirements for, must be used to make the mouth type, all round with a fixed Angle, screw holes. On both sides with aluminous model board decorate sound. Also do frame with square tube inside. Fourth, lightning protection, grounding electronic components in electronic display outdoor LED display to high level of integration, the sensitivity of the jamming is becoming more and more high. Lightning can harm display system by various means, in general, it is directly on screen and then into the ground by the grounding device. In the lightning current through the machine, electricity, heat damage. Solution is equipotential connection, is not grounded or not good grounding of metal shell, the metal sheath of the cable, the metal frame inside the screen into the grounding device, prevent on these things due to feelings of high voltage or lightning on grounding device into high voltage transfer of equipment caused by internal insulation, cable core. In the area of large display system adds lightning arrester, surge arrester can reduce response appeared on the equipment of overvoltage, limit the lightning invasion wave. Second, the outdoor screen installation method: 1) Column: column installed in suitable for the installation of the LED display, outdoor screen is installed on the pillar. Column is divided into single column and double column, in addition to the need to make the screen body steel structure, still need to make concrete or steel columns, mainly considering the geological condition of 2) Mosaic inlay structure suitable for the building project has been included in the planning and designing the screen, in the civil engineering project construction reserved in advance screen installation space, only when the actual installation steel structure will make screen display embedded within the building metope, have enough maintenance space on the back of 3) Rooftop general installation method is fixed on the wall of the screw, the fixed frame, the screen in a framework, even the power cord, wire, light debugging, you can. 4) Bridge loading structure is adopted in the ground concrete build by laying bricks or stones a enough to support the whole LED display wall wall, construction steel structure installation screen on the wall, steel structure reserved 800 mm space for maintenance, relevant equipment and maintenance facilities
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