In view of the outdoor LED display life protection measures of performance LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
To all outdoor use, waterproof and dustproof is the first face, general outdoor display to reach IP65 protection grade and above. Outdoor displays waterproof requirement is most important, must make the pledge that we can run normally in the heavy rain; Dust is falling commodity efficiency and accelerate the commodities are the important factors of aging, outdoor displays have specially designed dustproof structure and dust filter products. Outdoor LED display to guard against theft, explosion-proof, outdoor equipment commonly used in outdoor public places, is open to public safety and the safety of the device itself appeared to thinking on the problems of general appeared outdoor equipment can use special tempered laminated glass, even if the glass is broken, also can produce similar spider mesh finely crack, pieces of its strong adhesion on the middle tier, can avoid the glass drop caused personal injury or property loss. In addition, burglarproof problem, should do a good job in security monitoring, and avoid screw exposed, and combining the anti-theft lock functions and the structure of the solid support, solve the security problem. Outdoor LED display and lightning protection, to complete the all-weather outdoor play performance, outdoor equipment must have the reliable lightning protection electric control design, the thunderstorm day for equipment supply security guarantees. Outdoor LED advertising confidential intelligent constant temperature, outdoor advertising machine at run time from solar radiation, air convection, the internal electronic components of three principal aspects, such as fever heat, according to the regional difference in temperature and equipment placed different LCD confidential with temperature control scheme is determined. Have a plenty of KongDiaoXing type radiator, some compulsory air-cooled heat dissipation. But no matter what the cooling scheme, goods generally meet the temperature: - 30℃- - - - - - - 55 ℃, humidity: 10% - - - - - - 90% operation requirements. Show visible interface to outdoor environment, the reflection is also a thinking to important aspect, it is necessary to adopt the special coating process of glass, in order to improve the image visual point of view and resolution, reduce the reflective screen. Uncontrollability of outdoor environment, preventing electromagnetic disturb function appeared to outdoor equipment become very important, in the face of uncontrolled outdoor environment, we can internal shielding measures should be adopted for electrical parts of equipment, which effectively prevent internal components, cables for signal, but also to prevent external electromagnetic interference with leds. Outdoor LED display device relative to the LED display equipment in the city, not only should have a higher resolution indicators to meet all kinds of long distance or under high brightness show effect, in order to prolong the service life of outdoor LED display, make sure the LED outdoor display advertising effect, it is necessary to waterproof, dustproof, security, explosion-proof, lightning protection, preventing electromagnetic disturb antireflection, five defensive performance.
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