In the production of LED electronic display the source of static electricity

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-25
LED display often appear in the process of production of static electricity, static electricity will cause harm to production, in order to avoid the hidden hazards, production enterprises to understand the source of the electrostatic, do prevention, after a timely response. So, LED display in the production of static electricity from where? 1, objects, materials, floor 2, 3, overalls, work tables and chairs packaging container; 4, paint, or the surface of the wax, organic and glass fiber materials. 5, cement floor, the paint or waxing floor, plastic tile or plastic flooring. 6, chemical fiber clothes, not conducting work shoes, clean cotton overalls. 7, plastics, packing box, box, bag, disc, plastic foam pad. Electrostatic hazard in the process of LED electronic display production: if any link in the production of ignore the anti-static, it will cause electronic equipment failure and even make it to further deteriorate. When the semiconductor devices placed separately or load circuit, even without electricity, due to electrostatic also may cause permanent damage of the device. If known, LED is a semiconductor products, LED the voltage between two or more stitches stitches over components dielectric breakdown strength, will cause damage to components. Oxide layer is thin, the LED and driver IC to electrostatic sensitivity is, the greater the for example of solder is not full, solder itself quality problems, and so on, will have serious leakage path, causing devastation. Another failure is due to the node temperature above the melting point of semiconductor silicon ( 1415℃) When. Electrostatic pulse energy can produce local war fever, hence breakdown tubes and IC failure directly. Even if the voltage is lower than the dielectric breakdown voltage, also can produce this kind of failure. A typical example is that the LED is composed of p-n junction diode breakdown between the emitter and the base current gain drastically reduced. LED by itself or in the drive circuit of each IC after affected by static electricity, or may not appear immediately functional damage, the potential damage of components in use process will usually appear, so the impact on the life of the LED products are fatal. The making process of the LED display is a very rigorous, fine process, every link of omission. Display of electrostatic protection work is also an important link of the LED display production, at present the industry awareness of electrostatic protection is not deep enough, more can't meet the needs of the production of the professional LED electronic display screen, need more professionals continue to study, to discuss.
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