In the production of LED display main material are those

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-30
There are many LED display secondary luminous tube lattice screen together. It is a semiconductor light emitting diode control through the display mode, to display character by candle light out. Used to display text, graphics, images, video, video, animation, market signals such as all kinds of information of the display. Production of LED display the main demand of raw materials are: circuit boards, light-emitting diodes (leds), 138, 245 d, 4953, driving IC, capacitor, resistor, mask, pan, bracket, magnetic column, waterproof glue, waterproof rubber pad, row needle, row line, power cord, power supply, power supply, housing, steel structure, control system ( Synchronous receiving card, sending card, connecting plate; Asynchronous card) 。 LED display production process is complicated, if demand is larger or more profitable to find factory, after all, their equipment is here.
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