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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
In full-color led display unit panel, there is a capacitance of the components, then you know it? To answer for you. Led the capacitor is generally by the dielectric material between the two electrodes and its composition. Dielectric material is a kind of dielectric, when placed in two pieces with amount of opposite charges of the electric field between parallel plates, due to the polarization on the surface of the medium polarization charge, hence bound on the plate charge increase, maintaining the potential difference between the plates. This is the cause of the capacitor capacitance characteristics. The charge Q stored in the capacitor is equal to the capacitance C and the product of the electrode potential difference between the U. Capacitance of the dielectric material and size of the plate is directly proportional to the dielectric constant epsilon, and the thickness of the dielectric material ( The plate), the distance between Is inversely proportional to. There is the potential difference between the two plate capacitor, when the potential difference equals the supply voltage, the capacitor will stop charging. At the moment if cut off the power supply, can still insist on charging voltage capacitor. For the charging capacitor, if we use wire connects two plate, because of the potential difference between two plates, electronic will be through a wire, back to the positive plate, until the potential difference between the two plates is zero. Capacitor and rehabilitation to no charge neutral conditions, no current in the conductor. In the high frequency alternating current (ac) on the two plate capacitor, the capacitor charging and discharging number increase. Charge and discharge current is enhanced; That is to say, the capacitor block effect on high frequency alternating current (ac) is reduced, namely small capacitive reactance, whereas capacitor of capacitive reactance in low frequency alternating current (ac) to produce. On the same frequency of alternating current (ac) electricity. The smaller the capacity of the capacitor, the greater the capacitive reactance, the smaller the capacity, the greater the capacitive reactance. At the lowest temperature and the rated ambient temperature can add continuously in the highest dc capacitor voltage RMS, generally marked on the capacitor shell directly, if the working voltage over the capacitor pressure, condenser breakdown, caused irreparable damage. So take special attention in the process of use. Above is the full color led display unit plate capacitor inside some of the basic knowledge, if you want to learn more, please pay attention to our website site, time have the latest information for your browsing.
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