Guizhou liupanshui H8 full-color LED display, outdoor LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
Liupanshui city - — Southwest China cool, guizhou's third largest city, known as the coal, recently, installed in guizhou liupanshui full-color LED display, the LED display size is 106 square meters, and the product is P8 outdoor full-color LED display. We had a P8 outdoor products have high refresh, high intensity, high protection grade, stable performance is good, and it is the biggest characteristic is waterproof outdoor performance is superior, the cooling effect is remarkable, is because of these advantages, also got more and more attention from customers before the project, customer made investigation and other manufacturers in the market after the comparison, finally choose us, this is a customer to our trust, and full-color LED display products to us for approval, and we will use a good service and quality products to customers return
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