Guangxi agricultural reclamation state-owned xinguang farms and full-color led display sign - success Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
Recently, the guangxi agricultural reclamation state-owned xinguang better news on the farm, they indoor full color led display screen successful debugging, the success of the installation technology. Guangxi agricultural reclamation was founded in 1951, is bor in guangxi autonomous region people's government of special administrative agencies, has a part is equal to the level of economic management authority. Guangxi agricultural reclamation group is a municipality directly under the people's government of the large-scale production, industrialization, collectivization management of large enterprise groups, there are 112 state-owned enterprises and institutions directly under, 12 characteristic industrial park, 170000 hectares of land area, distribution in 12 cities 39 counties in guangxi, there are more than 700 have all kinds of enterprises in the district investment cooperation. This piece of land, every moment of the day in the new changes, new light after farm is unwilling to decided to purchase a piece of beautiful full-color led display for your leisure entertainment and communication message, after comparison, led display, with rich experience, high cost performance and good market reputation, has won the recognition of the clients. If you want to purchase the indoor full color led display, might as well compared to several, understand the market, clear word of mouth in making a decision is not late, looking forward to your review!
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