Guangdong province people's hospital of indoor LED display - the success of the installation LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
Recently, in guangdong province people's hospital installed a P2. 5 indoor full color LED display, the screen became a bright color, this hospital for hospitals to build effective information display platform, and the screen the effect of the hospital in the relevant departments. We installed in the hospital this time of the full color LED display is indoor model P2. 5, also is one of our high-definition full-color LED display products, with high refresh rate, detail exquisite real, playback, the installation in the hospital can be used to set up the hospital image, also can promote health knowledge and so on some advantages. After years of development, in the led display industry technology is more and more mature, and also won the high reputation in the market, the brand also in unceasing deepening, we will be present for all customers trust, thoughtful products and services
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