Golden nine silver ten is coming, how will play - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-06
At present, is about to enter 'golden nine silver ten' consumption season, each industry seems to be gaining momentum during this period, the momentum, with blue ocean in the second half of the market. From the concept of time, in September and October is a good time to enter the autumn, people's consumption desire is loose, compared with the month enhanced obviously, and prone to impulse buying. 'Golden nine silver ten' has become a industry merchants described the lingua franca of annual sales season. Seems no matter how market present situation, golden September, silver October will keep. However, for the LED display industry is also an outbreak of growth season, how should be well prepared to deal with the second half of the real fierce market impact, this is a question worth thinking deeply. According to past experience, LED display manufacturers, dealers, and the whole industry chain in every link to fight, to prepare production, inventory, for the upcoming 'golden nine silver ten'. The display technology of 21st century is the age of flat display, LED display, as one of the main products of the flat display will have greater development, and is likely to become a 21st century flat-panel display the representative of the mainstream products. After years to adhere to the 'high quality, strong innovation' research and development of products have been widely applied in social each domain, has become a flourishing development of emerging brand. New product development, leading to the new direction of the market for a long time attaches great importance to the independent innovation, and constantly develop new products, leading the market. After years of development, all kinds of indoor and outdoor display basic mature, key technology products in terms of reliability and technology level continuously improved and perfected. One have to mention is that my company independent research and development innovation has an obvious promoting role in the development of the company. Significant engineering application, special requirements meet the comprehensive technical engineering ability enhancement. 1. Technology innovation, to the development of niche confront the present saturation, excess capacity market, clairvoyance, has begun to change the direction of development. From the traditional and single LED display market, and actively to the diversification of niche. Has LED mirror screen on the market, offer convenient, smart, in a thin, such as modern characteristics, and is more suitable for a variety of special places, sufficient to meet the requirements of gen show champion. Still thering is no lack of among them a series of special-shaped LED display new products, such as spherical screen, which USES the module is the use of special materials, its biggest characteristic is can be used at any Angle bending, greatly promoted the applicability of the LED display, broke the LED display can only be fixed in one place the display of the display effect, make the screen 'somersault in the air. And combined with the present hot AR/VR technology and open hole 3 d technology, also in research and development innovation, has been preliminary progress, and the success of this technology will greatly increase the interesting of LED display. 2. Wide application, expand application market with LED display products market is more and more broad, range of application is becoming more and more widely. From 'brand LED display industry event of the year' in 2016 in the us it is not hard to see, has been uphold the high-tech LED in outdoor advertising and venue application has achieved excellent results, obtained: 'top ten brand' LED outdoor advertising and venue application screen. In the continuous optimization and integrated industrial chain of LED business at the same time improve their own layout. 2017 on the indoor screen, special-shaped screen, also got good grades. Two new product is developed by ourselves. In many aspects, with one unknown challenge. Macroeconomic, affect the market changes in terms of current situation, the LED display market demand smoothly. Traditional market application fields and urban landscape, advertising, new media, such as new applications will continue to occupy a larger market space. New products emerging market potential is huge. The development of the national macroeconomic regulation, application requirements to the market scale of the impact of nots allow to ignore. Urban landscape, advertising, etc. Of form a complete set of requirements of all kinds of important engineering projects, and to a certain extent restricted by national macroeconomic factors, climate environment and industry development direction, speed, all need to adjust. 2. Changing market conditions, footsteps follow up once upon a time, the industry seems to have the default represented by listed companies, with strong capital strength of a batch of benchmarking enterprise. Exist at the same time, there are industry outside the edge of the enterprise is to the LED display applications. The direct consequences of existing capacity is to speed up the market, led to oversupply, frequently cause 'reduction tide' and 'price war'. Low prices as a means of competition 'savage growth enterprise' also appeared frequently. Are facing technology and scale, to increase the pressure, however, no pressure, no motivation. It is because of this, more need to improve the strength of their products and brand influence. To adhere to the 'high standards, high quality' product concept to product innovation and redouble our efforts. Such ability more strong, be the best brand of LED display. More than in the face of the pressure of external factors, more should intensify investment innovation. Along with the science and technology system reform and innovation policy of the layout and adjustment, for in terms of strategic issues should be highly attention. In addition, ignore the brand construction, at a low price about means of competition policy is a 'paper tiger'. In the future, professional ability and brand recognition in the market competition will be the only standard of market inspection, construction and are within the scope of our country and the international influential independent brand is the brand development goals. To create each exciting scene!
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