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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
According to the understanding of huangmei opera originated in the qing emperor qianlong later of anhui boundaries of border region, old say huangmei opera, originated in anhui, hubei and jiangxi provinces border, has been nearly two hundred years of history. After 200 years, huangmei opera has developed from the original folk playlet become today of the impact of national drama. Huangmei opera, with its beautiful and exquisite singing features, the embodiment of the natural stretch form, fit the unique performance style in Chinese opera gardens, popular in the great river north and south, it is the first listed in the national non-material cultural heritage list. Theatre at home and abroad all the year round performance 'goddess marriage', 'female xu''s excellent traditional repertoire, such as paranal, and according to folklore and Chinese and foreign film adaptation of the classic 'wall right away' 'meng jiangnu' 'butterfly lovers' a dream of red mansions 'everlasting regret' 'much ado about nothing' new repertoire, such as; Slut launched in recent years has been 'painter' beauty 'the wind and rain the papaya listed' thunderstorm '' farewell my concubine' 'backfire' new repertoire, such as the hui hu xueyan all by its unique charm, has attracted the attention of the world, huangmei opera itself also constantly adapt to the era in the opera aesthetic requirements, wins the general appreciated and welcomed by the audience. The signing, huangshan huangmei opera troupe is personally to visit shenzhen contrast many times, hope to be able to is the highest cost performance, and finally signed a contract, after 10 days of hard work out successful installation full-color led display, the display is not only convenient to move move, and can be quickly assembled combination, can be adjusted according to the volume of stage large screen size, the quality is very good, collision, anti-static, lightweight, low power consumption, simply don't see assembled marks, completely is a piece of natural led large screen, long distance move completely without any problem. Effect is very good, here are the scene to film. ( The scene to staff phone fast shooting images, professional equipment, in the pictures may be a little fuzzy, but the real) Xin brand - - - - - - - Create every exciting scene! The free service hotline: 4008 - 368 - 386
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