Global brand P10 - xinjiang kashgar, the first people's hospital LED full-color takes a seat Information technology -

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
Xinjiang kashgar P10 full-color displays the first people's hospital, injected with more business opportunities and opportunities of this place, the project shows PH10 outdoor full-color LED display, an area of 105 square meters, become the fourth piece of outdoor LED display installation in xinjiang. The screen was established in the entrance is at the top of the gold position, the geographical position is superior. Screen hd display ability, horizontal and vertical direction has a wide range of Angle of view, expand the scope of advertising audience. The refresh rate is high, bright and able to adaptive adjustment, exquisite colorful, significant advantages, such as dynamic expressive power mall build first-class advertising effect. More rain in the region, so the moisture-proof anti-corrosion requirement is very strict. The aluminum box protection, easily cope with wet corrosion problems. High-definition images and gorgeous effect beyond the customer's requirements, clients are very satisfied, and smoothly passed the acceptance. P10 model as the most popular outdoor LED display products, success around the world hotels, airports, malls, square, and other areas of the application plays an important role in promoting. At the same time, P10 into outdoor LED display screen by screen is gorgeous, show the characteristics such as strong stability by the favour of customers and the market and the rush! !
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