Gansu linxia xiangyun yongji full-color led display, debugging success Information technology -

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
Linxia xiangyun ecology garden is an ecological restaurant, luxury, first-class environment, dishes first-class, service first-class restaurants, sichuan cuisine, cantonese cuisine and local cuisine and mass flat live wait for a variety of business restaurant, a large restaurant can accommodate 1000 people dining, for wedding reception, the full moon wine, xie banquet, birthday, large banquet reception, such as friends, family collective activity places. Indoor high-definition full-color LED screen to have outstanding effect: seamless splicing, high resolution, true representation, uniform color, high contrast, clear picture Octavia; Rich in content, it can display text, graphics, images, animation, video information; Flexible: can any layout mode by the user; Large amount of information: the information displayed is not restricted; Optimal: visual Angle 120 ° visual Angle, wide distribution and high level gap between the larger environment are appropriate; Reliability: the distributed scan technology and modular design technology, higher reliability, stability; Quality assurance: support before and after the maintenance, installation is convenient, life can be up to 10 years; Easy to use: super thin body, easy to transport and loading and unloading, etc. Eight practical function. Unique structure design, ultrathin, super light, ultra narrow bezel, light after the screen image, clear and bright, gentle picture perfect, stable smooth, LED display perfect deduce the newest look of the motherland and the brightest, the present leaders highly recognized. Once again shows the perfect xin color strength.
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