'Energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection' LED display, from the start - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-04
'Energy conservation and emissions reduction' is to save energy and reduce energy consumption. As an important part in manufacturing, one of the LED display industry's 'energy saving' is also LED display production enterprises have been focused on topic. At present, the industry has many LED display enterprise involved in the research and development and production of energy saving and emission reduction. At present, some energy-saving LED display on the market, mainly through the improvement of power supply to improve the energy saving effect, attracted many consumers' attention, and given the very high expectations. This way to start from the power supply, one is on the existing LED display directly by using the efficiency of the whole bridge or half bridge switching power supply, combined with synchronous rectifier energy-saving effect is remarkable; Second, under the conditions of driver IC constant-current as far as possible the reduction of the power supply voltage, through the red, green and blue tube core is separated from the power supply to achieve better energy saving effect. Of course this kind of non-standard voltage power supplies and application of new technology costs will rise. Look from the screen driver IC, energy saving is not obvious, reduce drive constant current differential pressure also brings new problems, including the cost. Some propaganda drive IC enterprises energy saving design, no more than is for sales strategy. LED display 'energy conservation', the technology upgrade is the key, then, besides the aspects from the LED display power supply and energy saving, and the way to better realize the energy-saving LED display? LED display than other ordinary LED display, itself 'aura' - of the energy conservation and environmental protection - - - - - - - - - - - - Have brightness self-adjustment function, therefore, another aspect is that through to the LED display brightness adjustment to achieve the goal of energy saving. LED display itself using luminescent material is energy-saving products. But, due to the outdoor display area is generally larger, higher brightness, so power consumption still have certain requirements. But the outdoor LED display, as a result of environmental brightness around day and night have very big change, LED display brightness requires less in the evening, so the brightness of the LED display self adjusting function is necessary and the brightness of the LED display self regulating function is according to the outside world light brightness, to achieve automatic adjustment, do not need to undertake any parameter is set. More convenient save worry. However, although the LED display has the luminescent material is belong to the natural attribute of energy-saving, but in the process of practical application, show area usually belong to the larger situation, long running with high brightness, power consumption is natural to be reckoned with. When used in outdoor advertising, advertising owners in addition to the relevant cost burden LED display itself, electricity will be presented with the use of equipment time geometric growth. Through years of unremitting efforts, therefore, in the 15 years has successfully developed centralized power supply technology and has applied for patents, through more than two years of testing the technology improvement, has let the LED display power consumption was reduced by 30% relative to other brand, create every exciting scene!
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