Create - a new starting point of the indoor LED display Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
As the 'wolverine 2', '7' fast and furious contour clear 3 d movies have been released, the hd technology in the field of video display also intensified, indoor led display as important in the field of video display products, in the field of video display was the leading leading position. In view of the present market demand and development trend, in 2013, listed the independent research and development stage of 'magic' series of LED display, wherein the series indoor hd display, after nearly 2 years of market development, sales highlight. Point spacing is 5 mm, 4 mm, 2. 5 mm high density, such as LED display with high definition, bright display quality conquer the attention of numerous customers, from single dozens of square meters to hundreds of square meters, indoor LED display products are exported to at home and abroad. With magic stage series of P4 indoor high clearly the screen, for example: the product selects the international famous brand, Such as CREE CREE, day of nichia and OSRAM OSRAM) Tube core, adopting SMD3528 black lamp encapsulation, contrast, color is more soft, white balance consistency is better; When don't light up the screen, the screen appearance more beautiful, screen resolution is 40000 / m2, display quality high definition, bright beautiful, no Mosaic phenomenon. The P4 full-color displays is independent research and development stage magic one of series of products in indoor full color, has all the features of this series of screen, such as: box adopts high polymer nano materials, shock-proof anti-throw, safe and reliable; The whole body a injection molding, to achieve seamless splicing, high accuracy, a single body weight just 4. 5公斤。 Internal structure design is clever, display, drive and receive, simplifies the internal structure, enhances the stability of the display. Advanced technology of thermal conductivity, completely silent, efficient heat dissipation. At the same time, the configuration of intelligent module can display, communication is normal working hours, working temperature, rapid positioning anomalies.
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