Congratulations once again and dongguan become attached to, of course, just become attached to p4 - full color led display screen Information technology -

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
Dongguan, a bold and unrestrained metropolis, in recent years is also cut a dash, today our story will be from dongguan changan. Changan town, affiliated to the guangdong province dongguan city, located at the southern tip of dongguan city, guangdong province, east of shenzhen, the pearl river in the south, west even humen port, G107 national highway, provincial highway S358, gs, tiger highway, guangshen high speed along the vertical and horizontal well versed in the whole town. Is this place and become attached to, I believe xin brand p4 full-color led display will be here to shine. P4 indoor full color physical pixel pitch to 4 mm, best stadia for 4 ~ 18 meters, indoor full color LED display screen, full screen USES unified hardware ( Standardized, modular, integrated, connecting safely and quickly plug) , reduce the installation, operation and maintenance workload, guarantee structure is beautiful; Through a set of software realization of the control system according to different requirements. Software has good human-machine interface, easy set up display area, can be displayed as required. P4 indoor full color LED display quality is stable, the picture is exquisite, high refresh rate for the height of the customer approval, so in 2015 and additional P1. 8日,p2。 5 small spacing screen size inputs such as application, further accelerate the speed of screen layout, recently the p4 full-color LED display project has light acceptance, obtained the customer and the local people's consistent high praise.
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