Color led display rental why so hot

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Color led display technology has a very high now, plus it easy tear open outfit, so did the rental market. On a global scale and the market is very hot, isn't just emerging in recent years. Application scenario now very much, such as art performances, concerts, conferences, exhibition, etc. , are used to all sorts of color, also need to lease equipment. Why rental LED screen so hot? 1, stage of development and the demand. To say the color led display rental, actually has a lot to do and stage of development, because now where demand is higher and higher, no longer like the past just to make a light. Now display install light, convenient dismounting, thin body itself, easy to install and transport, so are suitable for use in many places. At the scene of the party, concert and the big show, can be used to the LED screen, if the stage without the LED screen, this stage is very dull, it is difficult to transfer the atmosphere. Now the LED screen is the stage of the main show form, the audience has accepted. 2, screen, stability and life. Now stability of color led display has become more and more high, life also in ascension, so many businesses are accepting this kind of equipment use, both in the party or in concert, whether meeting indoors or in big outdoor activities, the stability of the led screen is guaranteed, there will be no fault, to ensure the activity successfully. At the same time the screen using life is strong, tear open outfit will not happen many times, let the lease cost reduction. The use of full color led display in indoor market scenario
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