COB packaging different from traditional LED encapsulation? LED packaging manufacturer with words

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-06
To LED display packaging products, then compared with the traditional packaging technology, COB technology, what are the advantages? 01, encapsulation efficiency high cost savings COB encapsulation process and SMD production processes were similar, but the COB encapsulation in dispensing, separation, spectral and packaging on the encapsulation efficiency is more higher, compared with the traditional SMD can save 5% of any fee and material. 01, low thermal resistance advantages of traditional SMD encapsulation system thermal resistance for structure: - chip Solid crystal glue - Solder joints - Solder paste - Copper foil - Insulation - Aluminium material. COB encapsulation system thermal resistance for: a chip Solid crystal glue - Aluminium material. COB encapsulation system thermal resistance is much lower than traditional SMD encapsulation system thermal resistance, thus the service life of the COB encapsulation of LED lamps and lanterns is greatly increased. 3, light quality advantages of traditional SMD encapsulation by patch will be in the form of multiple discrete devices attached to the application of LED light source is formed on the PCB components, it exists some light, glare and the question of ghosting. And because COB encapsulation is integrated packaging, is the surface light source, perspective and easy adjustment, reduce the loss of light refraction. Traditional way of SMD encapsulation is a number of different devices respectively on the PCB, components of LED light source. The encapsulation process is common light source made of lightning, ghosting and glare. COB light source does not exist the problem above, it belongs to the surface light source, the visual Angle is large and easy to adjust the Angle, to reduce the losses caused by refraction of light. 4, application advantages COB light application is very convenient, no other process can be directly applied to the lamps and lanterns. And traditional SMD encapsulation light source need to patch, then fixed on the PCB board after reflow soldering way. As COB is convenient in application. From the powerful giant color transfer
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