Clear liquid crystal display module must be pay attention to the problem

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-18
When cleaning liquid crystal display screen there are a lot of attention should be paid to the items, tell everyone what time today, hoping to flexible spirit with fellow users. 1. Use alcohol and other chemical solvent cleaning liquid crystal display screen. Now the LCD screen is coated with a special coating on the screen, once use alcohol to clean the display screen, can dissolve this special coating on the adverse effects on the display. 2. With a clean cloth or senior swab to wipe the LCD screen. Never use soft cloth (generally Such as glasses cloth) Or paper towel to wipe the LCD screen, LCD screen for soft, their surface is too rough, it is easy to scratch my LCD screen. 3. Clean LCD screen with clear water. Use clean water, liquid drip into the LCD screen inside extremely easily, might cause short circuit equipment, to burn out of expensive electronic equipment. 4. When cleaning LCD display, never use any alkaline solution or chemical solution to wipe the screen surface. LCD panel stains can be divided into two kinds, one kind of because of accumulate over a long period of glue to keep the dust in the air, is a kind of user in casual leave fingerprints and oil. In clean LCD screen, if do not pay attention to it is easy to cause damage to the LCD. A: electronic launched high JLX256128G - dot matrix LCD module The next one: 256 LCD module assembly operation should pay attention to what?
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