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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
The annual Christmas is coming again, one of the most big festival as a year-end, become each big Christmas entity stores every effort for the 'battlefield'. With the continuous development of outdoor LED screen, you can see, the market, in addition to the promotional discounts on fierce competition in the outdoor 'appearance' struggle is also no less. A brilliant piece of LED display, often become each big mall Santa Chen unique beauty, become one of the most effective tools for attracting people. Outdoor full color LED display has been one of the company's main products, the company integrating scientific research, development, production, engineering, and has a high-quality scientific research team, committed to the development of the application in the field of photoelectric photoelectric products and services, is committed to provide customers with design, production, installation, maintenance, all-round integration solutions, effectively reduce the overall cost, thus to create more value for care. For outdoor LED display, at the time of choice need to pay attention to? First let's take a look at the outdoor display series of three characteristics: energy saving, stable and highlighted. First of all, it is the high protection, dustproof, waterproof, prevent leakage, has a degree of protection IP65, before and after the body qualities glue water chute and panel cover circuit module, to ensure smooth running, there won't be any accident, truly save electricity, stability, energy conservation and environmental protection. For outdoor LED screen display effect is very demanding, not only to face all kinds of bad weather, but also to face the challenges of the various perspectives. The second big characteristics, full color outdoor LED display is high resolution, wide perspective. Module plating technology on inside connection, conduction good performance. Use the lamp bead reverse polarity, higher brightness, super wide perspective to look at, even if under the condition of strong direct sunlight, also still can clear display screen. Outdoor LED display is another important use requirement: stable. Due to the particularity of outdoor advertising, it is difficult to for high frequency of maintenance, so for the stability of the product requirement is high. Outdoor full color LED display screen is widely used in outdoor advertising media, enterprise engineering, cultural tourism, sports games, image promotion, commercial real estate, and so on, have a high degree of stability. Since the company was founded in 2012 to the present time in just five years, have all over the world more than 8000 project case, the company uphold integrity, social responsibility, to provide excellent service, constant innovation, the core values of cultivating talent, commitment to provide maximum value to market products and services, strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations, is committed to become a customer trusted supplier, was recognized by many partners. This Christmas outdoor LED display, choose is right!
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