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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Many people do not know to distinguish the LED electronic display considerations, but according to the small make up, found that many customers in the process of purchasing LED display there are a lot of incorrect operation. So how can we better avoid these pitfalls, how to distinguish a good quality and affordable LED screen? Here are combed by small make up the LED display to identify common several big mistake: a, want to buy will be the best first buy from its own demand needs, meet the demands to have advanced ideas at the same time. But not blindly pursuing the best, although expensive in general will be better, but to see whether symmetric own USES, also be a according to their own economic situation, otherwise it will only waste more money on it does not need to function. Second, the standards of the state laws and regulations LED display ministerial standard of general specification is in the 90 s, is now 2017, back to see previous standards, has been changed too much change. Take, for example, out of control point, the national standard for five over ten thousand, indoor double color LED display, for example. 740480 standard high-resolution screens do you usually do to 10 square meters, per square meter of 42465 points, according to the national standard can have 120 out of control points, but the LED screen in the rapid development of modern life is nobody will buy it. Three, the software is free, the price is low in Chinese companies have a common fault, it is not only production research and development, now the LED display industry also exists the same problem. Now only a few LED companies have their own legitimate software, now a lot of people may not know it is illegal to use pirated. It is good to lower prices, but not necessarily what we want, more important is cost-effective. Buy the same, not necessarily buy low price, this is more difficult to distinguish. Four, grey level gray scale is an important index of the LED display, currently on the market is filled with many levels of 14 and 80 grayscale display as a level 256 grayscale display, former cost control may be only a little part of the grey level 5 256. To identify the here is a simple way to tell my friends, that is the playground play a more intense the video, to see whether can see clear on the LED display. Five, long service life LED display manufacturer to issue the technical data specified the life span of the LED light is ideally 1 o thousands of hours. This ideal state refers to the laboratory zhongheng pressure constant current state of the LED light from light to light time completely, 1 o hours at 11 years. We all know how much a bucket of water is determined by the lowest board, LED display is used mostly for grades of other devices, usually not more than 10 years service life. As the function of display is to watch, when the display screen on only at night to see is impossible to judge whether it is qualified, has the use value. To create each exciting scene!
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