Choose 2 r1g1b led display pixels or 1 r1g1b

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-25
Led display is choice 2 r1g1b or 1 r1g1b? In the design of led display or led display for bidding, consultation, will be asked a question: is to select 2 r1g1b or 1 r1g1b? Before the bottleneck of the brightness of the red leds are all leds. That is to say, the brightness of the green and blue two colors are good, only the brightness of the red is hard to make more high, so a pixel in a red light is more in order to improve the red brightness to display the white balance ( The white balance of red, green and blue brightness than 3:6:1) 。 Now, with the progress of technology, highlighting the emergence of a red light, combined with the consideration of cost reduction, many manufacturers are using 1 r1g1b. So, outdoor led display 2 r1g1b good or 1 r1g1b? , the brightness of the 1 r1g1b are relatively lower, at the same time, the red light life is short, the other from a maintenance standpoint, 2 r1g1b relatively better maintenance. But the two have no who good who bad, finally, to see whether the applications. If is brightness demand is not high, recommend use 1 r1g1b, from the Angle of color mixture sex at the same time, the color mixture of 1 r1g1b better 1 r1g1b is a red, green, blue 2 r1g1b is two red green a basket of so, choose 2 r1g1b or 1 r1g1b is mainly the applications. Under the same conditions, it is recommended that the outdoor led display option 1 r1g1b led lamp!
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