Artificial intelligence era is coming LED display industry how to 'smart'?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-27
In 1997, IBM's super chess computer deep blue beat chess champion Garry kasparov. Human wisdom will be 'lost to the computer again and again, each time of artificial intelligence' victory 'has become the hot topic. This year's 'two sessions', was written into the artificial intelligence is the first time the government work report, become one of the focus. It is reported, many key technologies of artificial intelligence has been breached, won the development which progresses by leaps and bounds in last year, more than half a century, the birth of it came to the science and technology research and development to the industry application of critical point, gaining momentum. Numerous studies have shown that artificial intelligence to the traditional industry business model, industry chain and value chain, will bring the global economy, all aspects of social life. Baidu founder and chief executive robin li said: 'in fact, the world of artificial intelligence competition has started, governments are racing to layout and industry application. , by the end of the race, the time is not far behind. From the unmanned vehicle to the robot operation, from health care to the baby nanny, you can see the form of artificial intelligence. 'In that case, we are into the era of' artificial intelligence '. With between our enterprises often say the words, that is, we are moving towards industrial 4. 0 ( Note: industrial 4. 0 is a high-tech strategic plan proposed by the German government) And from 'manufacturing' to 'smart'. However, shall not be changed, the current of our LED display industry, is the distance from the industrial 'smart' themselves. Because in order to realize intelligent, first have to realize automation. Automation production equipment to replace artificial, not only can reduce the influence of artificial factors, improve the product one-time pass rate, to ensure product quality, improve product competitiveness, but also to be able to speed up the processing speed, improve the accuracy and reliability, to achieve the effective area and the space the storage utilization, to further reduce the comprehensive cost of the enterprise. But according to the author, the current most of the LED display in our current enterprise also faces 'hire difficult' problem. LED industry also is in a state of half automation, and a high degree of automation is concentrated in the upper reaches of the chip and packaging field, downstream of the automation degree of LED display obvious shortage. Investigate its reason, mainly limited by technology and capital. Although some LED display strong domestic enterprises by introducing foreign advanced equipment, automation degree can reach more than 85%, but that is only in terms of a single shop, on the whole the international advanced level and the gap. Back then, however, the current to achieve intelligent, it doesn't have to be fully automated, all have many special prices, after all. Just, in general, automation, informationization, is the foundation of become smarter. Throughout most of the current situation of the industry, LED display industry, want to really from 'manufacturing', to 'think tank', has a long way to go. In artificial intelligence is the trend of The Times, the LED display, are opportunities and challenges. Each big enterprise only strengthen its technical reserves and development, to take on the era of the great ship, the ship it 'artificial intelligence' can be in an impregnable position in the future competition.
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