Are the LED display scanning way? Scanning way,

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-31
What is the mode leds static and scanning mean? LED display way of scanning have static and dynamic, dynamic is divided into: 1/2 flicking sweep sweep, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 from the output of the driver IC feet to the practice of 'point to point' between pixels called static drive, the control of output from driver IC feet to the practice of 'point to the column' between pixels of control is called scanning drive, he needs to control circuit: can see clearly from the driven plate: static drive line don't need to control circuit, high cost to teach, but shows the effect is good, good stability, brightness loss taught, etc. ; Scan line drive it need control circuit, but the cost is low, the display effect is poorer, brightness loss a big, etc. Static: static display brightness is high, suitable for outdoor. Its control mode is for a single pixel color alone ( As a general rule, be one LED lights) The power supply. So that each pixel point have enough drive current, the brightness is higher accordingly. 1/2 scan: other conditions under the same conditions, 1/2 scanning display brightness is lower than static, suitable for outdoor and half outside. Its control mode is equivalent to the original to power a single lamp current supply the two leds at the same time. So it would be reduced in brightness. , of course, at the same time supply two LED lights when the current is not the distribution of the average current, but the current constantly scanning, between the two LED the scanning frequency reached 100 times per second, that is to say current within 1/100 of a second is for one of the LED, the next is supply another 1/100 seconds the LED. Actually destroy the light of the two leds are in constant, only the human eye persistence of vision effect, let us perceive they are bright, as long as the scanning frequency reached more than 64 times per second, the human eye cannot distinguish out. 1/4 scan: other conditions in the same situation, 1/4 scan display only 1/2 half scan display brightness, suitable for outdoor and indoor. The control mode is from two LED to more than 1/2 of the four leds. Current scan between four leds. 1/16 1/8 scanning, scanning: these belong to the brightness lower drive mode, generally only used in indoor. They control mode is also from this analogy. Column to illustrate: a common full-color module is 16 * 8 pixels ( 2 r1g1b) , if use MBI5026 drive, module is used: a total of 16 * 8 * ( 2 + 1 + 1) = 512, MBI5026 for 16 chip, 512/16 = 32 ( 1) If using 32 MBI5026 chip, is static virtual ( 2) If use 16 MBI5026 chips, is a dynamic virtual (1/2 sweep 3) If use eight MBI5026 chips, is a dynamic 1/4 sweep virtual panel if two red lights string ( 4) With 24 MBI5026 chip, is static pixel ( 5) With 12 MBI5026 chips, is a dynamic sweep 1/2 real pixels ( 6) With six MBI5026 chips, is a dynamic 1/4 scan pixels in the LED display, scanning mode, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, the static. If to distinguish? One of the most simple way is to count the number of the LED unit board and the number of 74 hc595 are needed. Calculation methods: LED divided by the number of 8 = a fraction of a divided by the number of 74 hc595 are needed scans the pixel is corresponding with the virtual: simply put, real pixel screen is refers to a display of red, green, blue three kinds of luminous tube in each kind of luminous tube only participate in a pixel imaging using, in order to obtain enough brightness. Virtual pixels is to use the software algorithm control each color light-emitting tube eventually involved in multiple imaging of adjacent pixels, so that with less tubes of resolution, large to make the display resolution increase four times. LED digital display with scanning drive and static drive two mode scanning drive advantages/disadvantages: advantage is display driver circuit simple, 2 IC can drive eight 10 & quot; The following leds, the cost is low. Leds can be directly with the main control board of all sizes. The driver board. Extension plate connection, even not use PCB board. Low power consumption. Using time-sharing scanning display mode, power consumption is only about 1/5 of the static display. The disadvantage is that the LED to drive plate connection between more ( A total of 8 + LED root number) 。 When digit is large, attachment and repair inconvenience. Advantages/disadvantages: the advantage of static driving is LED display components between attachment is very concise, just 5 - All 6 lines can be LED series, debugging maintenance is convenient. Display brightness is good, the suitable driving element can drive 2 meters of the LED, is suitable for making large digital outdoor screen. The disadvantage is that each LED need 1 - Two driver IC, need the display component PCB making. Larger power consumption ( Is driven scan 5 times) 。 Cost slightly higher information sources: powerful giant color LED display
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