Application of the LED screen in the meeting room and small spacing

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-11
In recent years, with the market demand to add, small spacing LED the outbreak situation. Conference room as the primary use of small spacing screen, what are the requirements on the screen, and have what advantage? A small spacing, high-definition LED used in the conference room what are the requirements? Powerful giant color hd small spacing of LED large screen system is made of high, small spacing table paste wrapped as panel, through integration of computer systems, many screen processing skills, signal switching skills, network, using a variety of processing and integration function, to complete the whole system dynamic regulation of demand in the situations, and real-time from computer, camera, DVD video and network signal in different signal source, such as more pictures show and analysis, in order to satisfied user area appeared to share all kinds of information and the demand of the integrated information. 1) Unit modular programming, the entire screen real 'no flat-fell seam'. Especially used to broadcast the news topics or video meeting, people will not be flat-fell seam cutting. There often appeared in the conference room environment of WORD, EXCEL, powerpoint, by dividing line mixed flat-fell seam and form, and then form the content of misunderstanding and miscalculation. 2) The whole screen color and brightness with high consistency and uniformity, point by point can be checked. Blend thoroughly avoids the projection plate joining together, DLP, LCD/PDP splicing widespread use must moment will come out after dark corners, the dark side, 'patch' wait for a phenomenon, especially for meeting there often appears to 'visualize' the anatomy of charts, graphs, etc 'pure color' content, small spacing hd LED display plan has incomparable advantages. 3) The whole screen brightness support from 0 ~ 1200 CD / ㎡ intelligent control, comprehensive habit appeared a variety of indoor environment. Principle for the LED is illuminated, so trouble and little impact by ambient light. According to the surrounding environment changes of light and shade, the picture more comfortable, perfect detail. Mutatis mutandis, the projection blend, the brightness of the DLP stitching appeared slightly low, Before the screen brightness 200 CD / ㎡ - 400 cd /㎡) About the large conference room or meeting room ambient light is bright, hard to satisfied using demand. 4) Support from 1000 k to 10000 k color WenKuan domain to meet the requirements of different application fields, particularly suited to some meeting show use of color have special requirements, such as studio, virtual simulation appeared, video conference, medical use, etc. 5) Wide Angle of view, the support level of 170 ° / straight and 160 ° Angle of view, better satisfied with large conference room environment and ladder type room environment demand. 6) High intensity of illumination, faster response speed, high refresh rate, satisfied with the high speed motion pictures. 7) Ultra-thin body unit planning, compared with DLP splicing, projection blend, save a lot of space. Easy device to protect and save to protect space. 8) Efficient heat dissipation, no electric fan planning, zero noise, providing the user with a perfect environment of the meeting. In comparison, DLP, LCD, PDP splicing, the noise of the unit were greater than 30 db ( A) After, many sets of joining together more noise. 9) 100000 hours long using life, life cycle without replacement bulbs or the light source, saving operation to protect capital. Can point to repair, repair with lower capital. 10) Support 7 * 24 hours of continuous operation. Second, the use of LED display in the conference room what are the advantages? 1) To create a more comfortable, modern information meeting environment. 2) To share information from all sides, the meeting communicated more easily and smoothly. 3) Can appear more vividly coloured content, lit the meeting's enthusiastic. 4) Transaction using: in detail, focusing on eyes, rapid processing, etc. 5) Remote real-time communication and able to work together. Such as remote education, video conference with the head office, each branch company of the national training education activities. 6) Take up the space is little, using sensitive, convenient and protect a brief and convenient.
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