Analysis of special-shaped full-color led display business transformation - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
Special-shaped full-color led display companies want to expand rapidly in this industry, it is necessary to do the standardized mass products, large quantities of high quality full color led display is the focus of the development in the future. Is a young enterprise, it is because he is young, make the enterprise more a kind of creativity and vitality. Maybe you will be amazed by his wonderful appearance at the World Cup, but he is flashy, but to give up to the next point. Mentioned at the beginning of entrepreneurship, science and technology, managing Liu Xinen still deeply touched! In the beginning, on a path to the idea of customization, also experienced a long period of time thinking and struggle, the flashy blatant industry at that time, maybe to conventional led display development, will get more orders and the market, but under no scale advantage, how can tied with the bosses on the market? Even squeezed into that field, as in the case of thin margins and how to realize the benign operation of the organization? So after careful market research and deliberation, on a difficult path, it is in such difficult circumstances, a creative custom for the purpose, with the scientific research foundation of enterprise arises at the historic moment. For LED abnormity screen, it has no a unified standard and a unified answer, even if is the enterprise also do special-shaped screen, understanding also have difference. LED abnormity full-color LED display is cured, not copy, for the purpose of each order of LED display. Its practical significance lies in, the customer give the idea of engineering manufacturers provide a powerful and unconstrained style, and then the manufacturer according to the idea of design and planning, to complete the customization development, and application in a specific space and environment. To words, the LED abnormity screen is through special custom, for the purpose of project, promotional products do not have mass. LED abnormity is the threshold of the screen to the main structure, special-shaped screen the most important thing is to meet the requirement for irregular structure, and these irregular requirement is the biggest challenge for steel structure design, structure is the most intuitive factors, special-shaped screen if structure design is not good, will further affect the play of the internal electronic components. Except, of course, structure, LED the interior design of special-shaped screen is not that simple, for electronics, hardware, software requirements are also very important. In a narrow space, electronic components to meet customer to the requirement of brightness, gray scale, high refresh rate is also very not easy. In addition, a display screen is the structure of the synthetic, not by a module can achieve alone, so for the installation of the product, remove the demand is also very important, abroad is very strict to the requirement of safety, in the process of use, installation, remove all must ensure safety; For the design of the product to meet the convenience of installation, and no personal injury. A magical, a magical products - Special full-color led display, the traditional led display, look at me in 2015.
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