Analysis - creative special-shaped LED display type characteristic LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
LED abnormity screen is on the basis of the LED display into a special shape of the LED display screen, unlike regular LED DJ, spherical screen appearance, its variety of shapes and a circular arc and curved surface, square hexahedron, letters and other irregular shapes. For different shapes, special-shaped screen LED to roughly the following categories: LED abnormity screen - — Spherical screen LED ball screen 360 ° full visual Angle, all-round play video, any Angle can feel good visual effect, no graphic problem. At the same time it also can according to need to turn the spherical objects such as the earth, such as football mapped directly to the screen, let a person feel, are widely used in museum, science museum, the exhibition hall. LED display screen - shaped — LED DJ sets this two years, LEDDJ Taiwan become some of the best standard of bars and nightclubs. LEDDJ can and DJ collocation gives the most bright eye effect, let the music and visual perfect collocation. Customized with combinations of video, DJ and LED large screen, can be independent, can combine domestic play, also can stack, make the stage more have administrative levels feeling. LED display screen - shaped — LED LED rubik's cube rubik's cube, usually by six LED into cube side, can also be shaped stitching for geometry modeling, realized the smallest gap between surface and surface perfect connection. Can undertake to watch around any Angle, get rid of the traditional flat panel displays the look and feel of the, suitable for installation in a bar, hotel or commercial real estate in the atrium position, to give the audience a brand new visual experience.
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