Analyses the characteristics - the full-color LED display industry development Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Full color LED display is a kind of LED display, color is rich. By the three primary colors ( Red, green, blue) Display unit of red, green, and blue gray level 256, all 16777216 colors, make electronic screen shows rich colors, high saturation, high resolution, high frequency of dynamic images displayed; The picture is clear, uniform color, high brightness, using high brightness LED, is still clearly visible over a long distance. Here to analyze the development of full-color LED display industry characteristics: the first point: a longer industry chain. Generally includes epitaxial growth, chip making, encapsulation, application, etc. ; LED application needs to support the driving integrated circuit, power circuit, power supply module, light source components and related application software and system, and even full color LED display solutions/LED lighting lamps and lanterns, each link all want to do, it is very important. The second point: the need to the key materials, equipment, instruments, and other support. Mainly has: ( 1) Material: lung married, sapphire/silicon carbide substrate, MO source, phosphor, with resin, special gases, packaging structure, etc. ; ( 2) Special equipment: mainly including chip manufacturing and packaging equipment equipment MOCVD furnace, exposure machine, etching machine, CVD equipment, scribing machine, bonding machine, powder coating equipment, braiding machine, etc. ( 3) Instrumentation: mainly includes the electrical parameters, the optical parameters and color parameters such as chip testing, finished product testing instrument, process online detection instrument, reliability test equipment. The third point: technology, industry and application integration development. LED application field wide, each has its characteristics, different USES all have their own specific requirements, must according to the LED outdoor screen technology and the needs of LED lighting and other LED product definition. As the new light source, because LED principle is different from other sources, some problems have not clear, also need to explore. LED into the lighting field, in particular, the concept of lamps and lanterns is the system, including the LED components, LED by the device consisting of a light source, power supply module, control circuit, etc. , has not the concept of the traditional lighting, so do a good job in every aspect, to show a variety of advantages of LED lighting. So full color LED display and LED lighting in the field of two fusion is the only way.
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