An overview of full-color displays p3 - system characteristics LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
Full-color displays p3 is indoor full color LED display series products contains the highest resolution, the product USES the SMD table process, pixel is 111111 per SQM, can play hd video files, belong to product of high-end LED display series, can be applied to various occasions for distributing video ads, high-definition video films, TV, etc. Full-color displays p3 system features: continuous working time: & gt; 72 hours. Life: the screen & gt; 100000 hours. Trouble-free time: & gt; 10000 hours. Screen the weight: & lt; 20 kg/square meter; Working environment temperature: - 20 degrees to + 70 degrees; Work environment humidity, temperature - 20℃~65℃; Positive is not less than IP65 protection grade: screen body; Protective performance: overtemperature/overload/power / / all kinds of image compensation correction technology/over current/over voltage/lightning protection.
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