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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
LED electronic display screen is in a rapid development and growth of the rise of stage, the LED display market now present a huge change, in addition to the traditional information display and so on, at the request of the shape also further improve, in order to better meet the requirements of beautiful appearance variety and use, the resulting LED abnormity screen. Compared with conventional LED electronic display screen, LED display screen pay more attention to the structure of special-shaped breakthrough. Now LED abnormity screen module mainly include fan, arc, circle and cylindrical, triangle, and other forms of structure. Compared with conventional LED display, LED abnormity screen to users with special needs, is mainly used in performing arts venues, outdoor media, the pavilion plaza environment. Vary due to the LED abnormity screen appearance each different, structure, and technical requirements of manufacturers are also more stringent. If the manufacturer's technology does not pass, patchwork of LED screen will by flat-fell seam clearance is too large, joining together the appearance of the surface discontinuity caused by uneven, and many other problems, which affect viewing effect, destroy the aesthetic feeling of the overall design. But more importantly, LED abnormity screen of the circuit and the design of the structure is complex, the manufacturer's research and development ability high demands are put forward. Before long a period of time, LED abnormity screen are traditional rectangular plane module assembling or package edge, one of the most common LED abnormity screen is big radian and plane circular arc screen screen. In display radian is small, according to form more complex cases, is not very good solve flat-fell seam and smoothness, brings the problems such as display shows inconsistencies, mosaics, display the overall effect is not good. The appearance of soft module makes LED abnormity screen has a better ability of soft module, LED display is thin, light weight, small volume, high pixel density, bending surface and low installation cost characteristics can be shown, which can realize all kinds of requirements in the shape of the screen offers a variety of screen size, clarity, and can also be in accordance with the purpose to design attaches great importance to the features, Contrast, color, mixed color, etc. ) The color arrangement. LED soft module different screen junction surface is different from the traditional LED display, the traditional PCB is fiberglass material, and the flexible module is equipped with high strength of the lock and link device, using the flexible insulating base material made of a flexible FPC PCB, adopt rubber masks and pan, high-strength compressive strength and distortion ability, can solve all kinds of 'beating around the bush, coma' perfect installation difficult problem. Installation method is given priority to with magnetic column suction, mostly adopts 'a packed into' installation method, namely the first complete modelling, customized according to customer's requirements, then can be directly adsorption, implementation step of installation. Magnetic suction installation with conventional indoor screen as simple installation, and rapid joint connection of casing connections are adopted, solid and reliable, and save you 'prehistorical powers'. As the special-shaped screen and soft module technology constantly breakthroughs, as well as enterprise manufacturing technology advances, the basic shape can satisfy customers for a variety of display and the different needs of different scenarios, can be called as the model. In the future, I believe the future view of urban landscape and recreational facilities etc. with the use of special-shaped screen and soft module technology and become more colorful.
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