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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Outdoor often has the weather such as rain, fog, so must be processed to waterproof outdoor LED display. Due to the outdoor LED module with closed box structure by the processing of LED outdoor display screen box, again by enclosure assembled into outdoor full-color LED display screen. So the LED display cabinet is composed of the basic unit of the screen body. Using LED cabinet for benefits as follows: one is to facilitate scheduling, aging, site maintenance; 2 it is convenient for packaging, transport; 3 it is installation convenient disassembly. Waterproof outdoor LED display in front of the box body is equipped with a display module, the box body internal fixed display driver circuit board. Switching power supply installed in the case of the back cover. On the back cover of the enclosure also install a fan, shutters, etc. Enclosure used inside and outside surface coating processing, anti-corrosive, moistureproof, prevent oxidation, flame retardant function, guarantees the safety of the work for the screen body. In terms of the structure of the outdoor full-color LED display module should be first outdoor waterproof module, the module should brush anti-corrosion paint on the back, third, the box body is supposed to be waterproof casing, better sealing. General outdoor enclosure is asked to do waterproof test, sprinkling water on the surface of the screen test, after multiple tests, to ensure the protection grade to achieve IP65, realize in the true sense of the waterproof, finally delivery to your customers. Another LED display cabinet structure perishable parts roughly screen body part of the metal column, circuit boards, terminal blocks, connectors; Sensitive to water vapor of the components for the circuit boards, electronic components pins. Suite, other parts of engineering plastics ( Polycarbonate) , epoxy resin, rubber, etc. , is not sensitive to water vapor. The current trend is that more and more customers in the LED display has more demand on the waterproof enclosure structure, began to thin, easy to remove the housing development, but from the professional point of view to analysis, not closed, the light we will be able to have waterproof effect, enclosure structure just dust, prevent a foreign body, and so on. The space is little not facilitate heat dissipation, and if a large area of water, processing and maintenance.
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