Acceptance, shanwei Lu He p4 outdoor full-color led display by - Information technology -

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of media, has a strong vitality. Their own city and trade, there are outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising and architecture, traffic, greening the city system such as fuses in together, together form the geographic space and visual interface of the city. Recently in Lu He successfully installed a piece of screen again. Lu He is located in the north of guangdong shanwei cities, JieXi county in the northeast, west sea venture, huidong county, zijin county, south to lufeng, five county areas. beiqi, southeast border with puning. As the requirement of outdoor advertising LED display to show more and more exquisite, more and more clear, visible distance closer, outdoor advertising display small spacing, Gao Qinghua become the inevitable trend of development is the installation of p4 outdoor hd display
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