Acceptance of skills - full color LED display Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
Full color LED display screen is clear, uniform color, high brightness, using high brightness LED, is still clearly visible over a long distance. Is one of the LED display, color is rich. By the three primary colors ( Red, green, blue) Display unit of red, green, and blue gray level 256, all 16777216 colors, make electronic screen shows rich colors, high saturation, high resolution, high frequency of dynamic images displayed. 1, the splicing flatness: product can look from the front, side under the full color LED display splicing; Turn off the screen splicing is most easily seen. 2, the material is consistent with that stipulated in the contract, including your chip ( Generally only chip manufacturers can check) , power supply, driver IC and system etc. All materials are in accordance with your contract. 3, full-color LED display color consistency, can under the condition of the low gray level, the most easy to see full color LED display. General is full-color LED display Settings in 30 white level, from the front, the side display screen will appear partial color phenomenon. Full color LED display is suitable for the exhibition, ports, airports, railway stations, bus stations, large sports and exhibition venues, intelligent transportation, highway, banking, advertising, electricity, commerce, telecommunications, hospitals, tax, bank and market, public square, etc. Almost all of the related systems and industry.
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