About the LED ball screen design process

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-29
Along with the development of science and technology, the LED display industry in order to adapt to the market demand is also constantly upgrading its products, creativity of spherical screen is one of them. Now on the market of the common LED ball display screen screen for watermelon commonly the ball screen, football, six sides ball screen, these three kinds of LED screen. Ball screen type 1, spherical watermelon skin LED screen: first appeared on the market of ball screen, commonly known as the watermelon spherical screen, it is composed of watermelon skin of PCB, it has the advantage of structure is straightforward, the types of PCB is less, its deadly weakness is the diode ( The north of the north latitude 45 °, south of south latitude 45 °) Can not normally broadcast images, so the picture utilization is too low or the image distortion is serious. Reason is that at present all pixels of image source configuration are into columns, and watermelon skin LED the north and south of diode pixel of spherical screen configuration is not configuration, into columns, but the ring pattern, therefore difficult to display. 2, spherical triangle LED panel: planar triangle of PCB ball screen, commonly known as football screen, it overcomes the watermelon ball screen poles can't broadcast images of defects, so the picture utilization rate is greatly increased. Defect is PCB sort is more, the pixel points for honeycomb shape configuration limit spacing cannot be too small, writing software is also a trouble. 3, six sides LED ball screen: it is only recently emerging quadrilateral PCB of spherical LED screen, known as six sides LED screen. Location closer to the plane of the LED display screen, the minimum point spacing is similar to plane LED display, limit little or almost no limit, so the effect is a triangle of PCB ball screen is much better. The entire sphere is divided into six shapes in front of the same size, then each surface is divided into four identical unit box shape size, six surface, a total of 24. Each unit box by 16 welding surface of the LED PCB, finally will install them into a spherical LED screen. Six sides LED ball screen more football also the kinds of PCB panel. LED display pixel points closer to the normal plane, the minimum point spacing is similar to plane LED display, therefore, can be used in ordinary plane LED display broadcast images of the source can be directly in the six sides LED spherical panorama screen playback, effect is watermelon skin shape of PCB ball screen with triangle of PCB panel is much better. On the physical size because the ball screen is composed of six identical surface shape size, each face by four identical unit box shape size, as shown in figure 5 and is shown in figure 7. They can be in the air box, tear open outfit is very convenient, easy leasing business use. Playing the function in the software and, of course, also can be like the watermelon spherical LED screen with a play on the video source in the whole sphere, such as a globe. It can also be six different video source or the same video source on the six dimensions of the same broadcast ( Namely, up, down, left, right, front and back six side) 。 Of course can also through software, alone or combined to play different video source. The diameter greater than 2 m ball screen is particularly important. Because the person is below 2 meters tall, its effective focus perspective is only about 1/6 the ball surface.
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