A product profile of the floor tile of full-color LED screen to - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
Floor tile of full color LED screen, is a kind of LED display can be used as a floor tile. Floor tile of LED screen, use the high abrasion resistance resin PC mask and put it in the ground can not only beautify the dance stage, the audience can directly trample floor tile of the LED screen, and on the free dance. LED module for integral enclosed design, has won the IP65 protection class certification, more installation design is very simple, and fast disassembling module design, make installation and maintenance easier, especially applied in the leasing industry use, cooperate with software technology in the application, the product can be applied with extremely strong function, can realize the image 360 degrees show effect, creating extraordinary excellence quasi scene effect. The brightness of the LED floor tile professional structural design, humanization design, adjustable, and can be widely used in exhibition, stage, and all the entertainment, the hall square, the party on the series such as floor tile screen, with uniform color gorgeous, flat-fell seam, the advantages of the installation fast, stage rental screen for the best choice. At the same time it also has its own secret weapon, that is: three with one screen at a time! 1, the floor tile screen. Full-color LED screen to floor can easily afford a car, the weight of the people is a cinch, lease 2 screen. Floor of full-color LED screen but between floor panel and rental screen switch at any time, as long as take the floor screen mask, is morphing into a rental screen, adapt to the use of any rental places. 3, 3 d screen. Tie-in control system, need not equipped with any 3 d playback devices, takes a key switch, you can immediately turns into a 3 d screen, easily implement three-dimensional imaging
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