A predominantly outdoor P6 full color LED display light - success LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
Xinjiang kashgar region 12 counties and cities more than hundred farmers painter painting came to kaidu-kongque ancient city site. Held in early June, kashgar region farmers painting series, the broad masses of farmers and herdsmen to actively participate in, a total of 10 farmers painting won the first prize, excellent guest, host of farmers painter to national AAAAA level scenic spots and kaidu-kongque ancient city, with a brush to show the charm of ancient city with. Kaidu-kongque ancient city with 2100 years of history, city is the first historical and cultural city in xinjiang. Kashgar farmer paints arose in the early 1970 s, kashi, farmers and herdsmen painting lovers of all nationalities group is the backbone of the kashi farmer paints vigorous development strength. P6 outdoor display screen is the independent research and development of outdoor star product, USES the high quality of chips, more grey scale, color soft look more natural, clear image quality is exquisite, enclosure protection grade up to IP65, in heavy rain and drying in the bad environment can still normal use. Have long been tourist destinations for the market, in the railway stations, airports, municipal square, financial services and other places, the advantage of LED display, full color LED display screen has a strong resistance to dirty environment, outdoor rain proof, anti high temperature, frost proof, dustproof, corrosion resistance, stable performance and so on with the development of new media advertising, outdoor LED display in the mainland market demand expands unceasingly, and the project has been in the domestic market. Since its establishment, has been to the road of brand development, so pay attention to product quality and after-sales service, has won the 'LED industry top ten brand', 'national high-tech enterprise', '2015 top ten most investment brand enterprise', etc.
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