A few of the advantages of LCD liquid crystal display

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
LCD liquid crystal display has very strong competitiveness on the market, has received the attention of more and more businesses and what is the advantage of this display, I'm sure you will come here to take stock. 1, LCD liquid crystal display power saving not fever traditional displays at the time of use, not only are a power hog, there will be a lot of heat produced, affect the display effect and service life, but the LCD liquid crystal display is different, its energy consumption is low, how little power consumption, and also no heat, so focus on using high temperature also won't appear, to ensure the service life of the product. 2, the body is small and light, save installation space. LCD liquid crystal display has more thin body, to install, very save space, can be used in a narrow space, and the traditional CRT monitor is very heavy, need enough space to install and use, the effect is no match for the LCD. 3, low radiation more healthy. LCD liquid crystal display production technology is very high now, plus the production technology of special safeguard, the radiation of this product is very low, and will not exist any health risk, for the friend that has been in the face of the display, it is very safe and reliable products, will not affect the body, you can rest assured the bold use, use for a long time people will feel its benefits. 4, shows that the effect is not soft damage eyesight traditional display has certain flashing, so there is a big damage to eyesight, and LCD liquid crystal display is different, it doesn't exist, the harm of vision is almost zero, and its material is safe and reliable, can with intelligence changes in brightness. Outdoor full color led industry development pattern
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